UPDATED:  May 9, 2012
ISMALIA specializes in and teaches Oriental Style Belly Dance (Raqs Sharqi).  She incorporates traditional and contemporary movements of Lebanese and Egyptian and Armeno/Turkish style into her teaching.  As a performer, ISMALIA is proficient in Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish styles. 

Beginner through advanced level classes are taught from a performance perspective focusing on presentation of the dance as authentic.  Classes are small and taught in an all-inclusive manner allowing women from diverse backgrounds to embrace this dance as they wish.  They can then focus their lessons as exercise only or with a future performance goal.  Belly Dance provides for excellent range of motion, gracefulness and increased self awareness and body acceptance as an intrical part of the dance.

ISMALIA began performing professionally in 1974 and was a featured performer at many of the
Middle Eastern nightclubs and restaurants in the greater Boston and eastern New England area until moving to Vermont in 1995 (please see her "Bio Page").  She owned and operated a Belly Gram service in Mass until 12/94.  ISMALIA began teaching in Southern Vermont in 1995 and resumed her club performance career in April, 2001.

            Dancing Entertainment !    ( ALWAYS "G" RATED ! )

is available for "Ethnic or Cabaret Functions (weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, haflas, etc.,) and Ethnic Nightclubs/Restaurants and will delight your guests and patrons with  authentic Cabaret shows to your Live Middle Eastern Band or CD music.  Available throughout most of New England.  References available from most ethnic bands.

Or, choose a
"Belly Dancing Tele-Gram" to celebrate that special occasion for that Special Someone!  This is one of the greatest ideas for a group gift when you don't know what to give your husband, boss, father, brother for their birthday, retirement, congradulations, get well, etc!  Chip in with others to give this gift and your names will be listed on the Certificate commemorating this special occasion.  Bring your video camera and camera to make this occasion a memory keepsake in film!   "Belly Dancing Tele-Gram" service is available throughout Southern Vermont and the Southwestern New Hampshire & Keene area.  Please email for inquiries or call (msg ) :  (eves) 802-464-6344 or (days) 802-464-2557.


Regularly Scheduled Group Classes: $60.00 / 80.00 per six (6) / eight (8) week session for 1 hour, 10 mins.  (rate may change with notice).  Walk in rate is 13.00/class and please  email or call before walk in.  See class listings below. 

Private Lesson: My studio:  $30.00 for the first hour, 20.00 for the second hour and 10.00 for the third hour.
Semi Private:    My studio:   Same as above but limited to 2 people.
Special Class:   For 4 or more other than a regular class: (minimum of 4):  15.00/pp for 1 hour/15 mins.


Please note: 
This applies to all students:   Please do not ask for exceptions.

Classes are done in 6 or 8 week sessions at the cost of $66.00/88.00 per session per person payable, in full, before or on the first day/night of the session. NO EXCEPTIONS, PLEASE. Otherwise, attendance will be considered as a walk-in  at the rate of $14.00/per class.
Only one makeup class is allowed per session and is to be made up at another class within that same 6 week session, if a comparable class is available. Otherwise, you can attend one of the other classes and follow along in the class. No carry overs of make up classes or  money allotments into the next session are made. If you know ahead of time that you will be away or have upcoming commitments, you can deduct those days that you know you will not be at class but this must be done on the first night of a new session when you are making payment for the session.  Again, please do not ask for an exception to this.

You will be required to fill out a
REGISTRATION FORM (prior to the first class) and you should check with your physician before undertaking any exercise activity if warranted.  Registration Forms can be requested and sent ahead (MS Word Doc) to be printed and filled out and brought to class the first night..  You'll also receive a copy of the CLASS SESSION POLICY which states the above information of missing a class/classes.  If you need directions to the studio, please request them via MS Word Doc. 

WEATHER CONDITIONS are taken into consideration for cancelling class.  I will email first (please check into your email before leaving home/work for class) and call and leave messages on your phone contact numbers (home, work and/or cell).   Please also check in with me by phone.  In the winter months, you may have good weather where you live, the weather up here, due to the high elevation, can be very tricky and snowy in the winter and I will cancel if I feel it is unsafe for ALL you to travel up here.  Good weather including rain is not reason for cancellation.  If  the weather is fine and class is still being held and you choose to not come, you cannot consider it a weather cancellation.

MOST CLASSES LISTED ARE HELD AT "ISMALIA'S TENT & STUDIO" ON ROUTE 9 IN MARLBORO, VERMONT.                                  (10 miles west from Interstate 91 on Route 9).  Email for Directions.

Classes & Workshops 2012

Please check with your physician if you have any medical or health conditions that may conflict with this form of exercise.

MONDAYS     Marlboro Studio
6:15 - 7:30 pm   BEGINNER MODERN BELLY DANCE   STARTS: June  4, 2012 No experience necessary.  Class learns belly dance master core moves and combinations, posture, beginning technique, isolations, shimmies during this 6 week session.
  **Please see below for some new student information.  
Spread the word and join this class with your co-workers and friends for the best way to exercise your body in full range of motion and have fun with this ancient dance form!  Shape, age and size does not matter!!!

WEDNESDAYS   3rd Wed/month      Marlboro Studio
6:30 - 7: 15  pm
ON-GOING TROUPE BELLY DANCE   (Raqs the Casbah)   Troupe only class.  Belly Dance proficiency required if you are interested in joining and by approval.. Continuous choreographies and technique in different modalities.

*  Troupe Level Class:
   If you have experience in Belly Dance and are interested in joining our troupe, "Raqs the Casbah", please contact me at   You must be dedicated and commit to attending classes, practices and performances.  Entrance to Troupe by audition and interview only. You must take classes in order to be in the troupe.

**  New Beginner Students @ Ismalia's Tent Studio
:  will need to purchase the following during certain sessions.
Cane (foil) at the beginning of the 2nd or 3rd session.  These can be purchased here at the cost of $13.00 per cane

Hip scarves and chol
i tops are available here in house for purchase.   Totally optional but very fun to wear and dance in!

Veils either bought or made by the beginning of the third session..  I will carry a supply here or you can make one

Zills (approved only!) need to be purchased for advanced beginner.  These are also sold here.  Please do not buy zills until you check with me for the proper type

Blank, new (music only) CDs or $1.00
These are to replace the ones that I make for class use and choreographies. 

You may want to buy (highly recommended) Hermes Dance Sandals which can be bought on line and for the best price at
.   The sizing of these sandals are smaller than street shoe size.

*** PLEASE NOTE:  I accept checks and cash but only accept credit cards via Paypal ***
                                             for any OCCASION

Give her a gift certificate for a SIX WEEK SESSION OF LESSONS.   Add in a fabulous COINED HIPSCARF and she's all set to shimmy!  Call 802-464-6344 or 464-2557 and ask Judi for details or email at: