(left) NEW ROYAL/PURPLE VELVET TURKISH VELVET "DALMA" DRESS with royal/purple irridescent and silver beaded fringe and AB stones (SV crystals) and  2 GAUNTLETS. 
I have three of these dresses, diff sizes and lengths which are new and very stunning.  Please email me for specific sizes available.
PLEASE NOTE: There is only one backstrap on these dresses...Not two as shown.
PRICE: 225.00 each Plus S & H

We accept personal checks (with clearance) bank checks/money orders, MC/Visa VIA  Paypal only.  Lay-away plan available with terms.
Need more pics?
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(right) NEW TURKISH STYLE 4 PIECE SET. Red shiny stretch material with black/red mesh accent.   Bra, skirt and 2 gauntlets
BRA: 31" A/B   
SKIRT: 34 - 36" stretched top hip
PRICE: $249.00 plus S & H
Material of skirt and gauntlets has glitter pattern to it. Loaded with clear stones.
BRA: 34 - 36 A/B.  Mayb fit small C if padding is removed.
SKIRT:   up to a 40" stretched
PRICE: $249.00 plus S & H
(below) NEW BURGUNDY LYCRA EGYPTIAN 4 PIECE SET w/gold & silver.  Stunning set includes heavily decorated bra, skirt and comes with two chiffon sleeves trimmed with silver beads & sequins.  This costume is HEAVY with sequined design.  Wonderfully constructed.
BRA:   34  C                 SKIRT:  40 - 42" stretched, maybe  more              PRICE:  $459.00  plus S & H
NEW EGYPTIAN LYCRA BUBBLE GUM PINK DRESS / gold accents.  Comes with 2 full gauntlets.  Zippered back.
BRA: top area fits an A-small B cup
HIP area very stretchable.  Dress fits up to approximately a size 40/42" in the hip area stretched.

PRICE: $249.00 plus S & H
(below) NEW RED LYCRA EGYPTIAN 4 PIECE SET w/silver.  Stunning set includes bra, heavily decorated bra, skirt and two shiny 2 tiered chiffon sleeves trimmed in silver & red beads & sequins.  Very heavy costume due to the amount of beading and sequins.  Quality construction.
BRA: 40"   C/small D                   SKIRT:  hip stretches to 38/40              PRICE:  $459.00 plus S & H
(below) NEW TURKISH EMERALD GREEN & SILVER FULL SET Includes bra, belt, 2 wrist pieces and one head piece, skirt & veil.
BRA: 38 1/2 max B/C       BELT: 38" hip max
PRICE: $219.00  plus S & H
( below) NEW TURKISH HOT PINK VELVET FULL SET w/ SILVER ACCENTS.  This unique set has some AB crystals.  The front & back of the belt are the same and the sides have "cut outs" so the belt needs to fit within a certain sizing.  Includes bra, belt, wrist and head pieces, skirt & veil.
BRA: 34" C                   BELT: 38" hip max
PRICE: $229.00  plus S & H