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NOV 17, 2007
NEW REVERSIBLE METALLIC STRAIGHT SKIRT with one opening.  This heavier, brocade type skirt has a black background on both sides and has metallic green, royal and red colors running through it.  Fits up to a size 40 hip. Includes almost 1 extra yard of material.    
PRICE: $25.00 plus S & H
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(below) NEW TURKISH DEEP BLUE & GOLD BEDLAH set. Includes bra, belt, 2 wrist & headpiece.
BRA: 36"  "B or small C"       BELT: 41" hip max
PRICE: $175.00 Plus  S & H
(below) NEW TURKISH RED & GOLD Bra, Belt, Accessories and skirt.
BRA: 38"  B/C       BELT: 38 Hip
PRICE: $155.00  PLUS  S & H
(below) NEW EGYPTIAN LIME & GOLD SAIDI DRESS. Made for me but was too long.  Needs a dancer 5'8" or taller.  Lycra Dress, two anklets & headband.     SIZE: 10 - 14 US     
PRICE: $190.00 PLUS S & H
(below)  USED TURKISH WINE & SILVER SET. Bra, skirt attached to belt, one gauntlet.  Skirt & backing to bra & belt is a heavy velvet. Very good condition. 
BRA:   B/C             BELT: up to a 40"
PRICE: $189.00  PLUS S & H
(right & below) NEW EGYPTIAN SKIRT Black w/silver beaded trim.  Multi panelled skirt with a built in fabric belt.  Add your own top and you're ready to dance.
SIZE: X-Large - XX    PRICE: 90.00 Plus S & H
(below) NEW LIGHT PINK/SILVER BRA & BELT.  Made by a dancer.  Lt pink satin base.  Belt has cut outs on each side.  Some edging is coming apart on the top of belt due to customer's trying on.  Price reflects this.
BRA:    TBA          BELT:         PRICE: